Discover Credential Leaks

Even if your organization has not been breached, password reuse puts it at risk.
Enzoic Exposure Alerts can help.

Enzoic Exposure Alerts keep you informed. Our threat researchers continuously scour the public Internet and Dark Web to find credential leaks and immediately report details on any compromised username for your customers, employees or partners.

  • Subscribe by domain or named account

  • Receive exposure alerts about compromised accounts

Monitor by domain, individual accounts, or by integrating your directory

Receive rich details about the source of the exposure and lists of affected users

Enrich threat intelligence for your SOC and SIEM using our API feed

Helping You Manage Risk

According to the 2019 LastPass Global Password Security Report, the average user reuses a password 13 times.  How your organization detects and manages password reuse can be the difference between business-as-usual or a breach. Let our security intelligence experts do the work to provide early-warning breach detection and credential leaks to your organization.

Receive automated exposure alerts when your compromised accounts are leaked.

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