Enzoic APIs

A series of simple, hosted REST APIs which allow you to harness the power of our massive database of compromised credentials and accounts for integration into your application or website.

Tap into the massive database of compromised user credentials data
Passwords API

A compromised password is any password that has been found in a data breach or password cracking dictionary used by cybercriminals.

Check whether a password should be considered unsafe.

Credentials API

A compromised credential is an exact username and password combination that has been found in a data breach, data exposure, or combo-list used by cybercriminals.

Determine whether a username/password combination is available to hackers, an obvious security gap

Exposure API

An exposure is any unintended release of user credentials. This could be due to a data breach at a site, malware that has captured user credentials, a phishing site that has been capturing user credentials, etc.

Look up all the exposures for your users and obtain detailed information about each.

We’re impressed with Enzoic’s creative approach to catching credential stuffing attacks using their database of compromised credentials as a proactive defensive against ATO. Enzoic does this securely without cracking hashed passwords or being given access to our users’ credentials and doesn’t add unnecessary steps to our customers’ login process.

Tim Nufire, Founder & Chief Cloud Officer, Backblaze
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